How to Shop and Buy on Nature’s Health Market

Quickly Find Your Preferred Items By Filtering Search Results

Inspect Product Details and Ratings & Reviews Before You Buy

Inspecting details & reviews can help prevent surprises and confirm that an item meets your needs. Stronger ratings & reviews indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers.

If You Have Outstanding Questions Or Concerns, Message The Seller Before You Buy

If you have questions/concerns about a product, Nature’s Health Market makes it easy to contact the seller before you buy — just click the ‘Message Seller’ button.

Double-Check the Items In Your Order Before Paying

Before you choose your payment method, take a second to check that your order contains the items and quantities you want.

Double-Check Your Phone Number And Delivery Address Before Paying

Before you choose your payment method, check your contact details to make sure that you can be contacted about your delivery.

Pay When You Checkout To Receive Maximum Protection

When you pay at checkout, Nature’s Health Market holds your payment (temporarily) before forwarding it to the seller and can protect you 100% if things somehow do not go as planned.

Check Your SMS & Email For Messages About Your Transaction

After you place your order, Nature’s Health Market will send you an order confirmation by both SMS and email. Check for communications about your order.

After Your Order is Delivered, Be Sure to Rate & Review

After your item is delivered, you can help other buyers stay safe and choose the most trustworthy sellers by rating and reviewing your transaction.

Not all products on Nature’s Health Market are sold by Nature’s Health Market

Nature’s Health Market is a true online marketplace that supports entrepreneurs. Supporting ‘third-party’ sellers means Nature’s Health Market can offer buyers wider product selection, more choice, increased convenience, and better pricing.  

Not every order goes perfectly every time, but if things do not go as planned Nature’s Health Market is here to help

Generally, Nature’s Health Market Vendors have a remarkable track record. Most orders go wonderfully, but selling online may be new for some sellers and despite best efforts mistakes can sometimes happen. In the rare event things do not go as planned, Nature’s Health Market has a number of teams working to help make things right. To contact us, email help(at)NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng or call 090 999 183 00

If you pay online at checkout before delivery, Nature’s Health Market can offer maximum protection

Paying for your order in advance means that you are covered by our Buyer Protection program. When you pay in advance to Nature’s Health Market, we hold your payment (temporarily) and do not release it to the seller until you have had a chance to bring up any issues. So when you pre-pay, Nature’s Health Market can protect you 100% if things somehow do not go as planned.  

Your feedback matters

When you place an order, you trust the seller to deliver a quality product as described and on time. So Nature’s Health Market makes it easy for you to research both the item and the seller before you buy. You can read the item’s description and check how past buyers rated and reviewed the seller and the item. When your order is delivered, we will ask you to rate and review the transaction and over time we remove lower performing sellers to make Nature’s Health Market safer for you

How does Nature’s Health Market protect me from fake or substandard products?

Nature’s Health Market has a formal Authentic Items Policy that prohibits the sale of counterfeit items, and our team continuously monitors items offered for sale. Sellers who are found to violate the policy may be banned from selling on Nature’s Health Market. If you suspect an item displayed on the website is not authentic, please contact at safety(at)NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng.

I just received my order and something is wrong, what should I do? What can I expect?

If you recently received your order and something is wrong, please email help(at)NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng or call 090 999 183 00 and provide details. Depending on the exact issue and whether you paid before delivery or paid on delivery, different resolutions can occur. But in all cases, Nature’s Health Market will offer support and will try to work with the seller to offer a resolution quickly, such as a repair, replacement, refund upon return, instant refund, or other form of compensation as applicable.

How to I avoid fraudulent individuals posing as genuine sellers

We take various actions to keep fraudulent individuals out of our community including requiring sellers to undergo verification before listing products, but you can avoid negative fraud-related experiences by 1) pre-paying and 2) not paying into seller accounts before delivery.

Pre-pay for your order. A great way to safeguard against negative experiences with sellers is to pre-pay for your order online when you checkout. By doing so, Nature’s Health Market has control of your funds for a limited period and can more easily refund you if things happen to go wrong.

If a seller requests that you pay into his/her account before your order is delivered, please contact safety(at)NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng to verify. Nature’s Health Market advises that if you do internet bank transfers before delivery, you should pay only into the Nature’s Health Market accounts.

If you feel that a seller is potentially fraudulent, please contact safety@NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng

Can You trust all sellers on Nature’s Health Market? How will You know which sellers to trust?

Nature’s Health Market has several processes in place to make sure sellers are safe and worthy of your trust. All sellers go through verification processes and we continuously monitor seller behavior. In addition, you can inspect a seller’s ratings and reviews — stronger ratings & reviews indicate safer, more trustworthy sellers. Finally, our more established sellers can be identified by a “verified premium seller” badge when you search for an item. Nature’s Health Market regularly updates the list of verified premium sellers to account for changing seller behavior. We take our responsibility to provide a safe marketplace very seriously, but sometimes bad behavior does happen. If you feel that a seller has violated your trust by misrepresenting an item or otherwise acting inappropriately, please contact safety(at)NaturesHealthMarket.Com.Ng.